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👍🏼 Master Formative Assessment in your Classroom

Learn about Formative Assessment theory and practice with a global community of educators. Help drive student achievement, engagement and interest in teaching and learning, and become a master of Formative Assessment with Assessment Ninja.

✔ Suitable for any curriculum worldwide
✔ Theory and practice for and from permanent and temporary teachers
✔ Applicable to any school year level
✔ One time payment of $60 US and it's yours forever - with a 24 hour money-back guarantee
✔ Rewarding and engaging online learning, no more boring seminars!

Assessment Ninja has helped hundreds of teachers implement smart, strategic, student-led learning processes - and master the art of formative assessment.

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With Assessment Ninja you can become the master sensei of your dojo from the comfort of your couch. Join international educators online to transform your teaching and students’ learning.

All it takes is a little help from some magic mojo and a well versed pair of sensei, you'll be on track to mastering your dojo in no time.

The Magic Mojo Meet the Sensei

Tried learning online 😴😴😴?

Say sayonara to tedious seminars 🎉

Assessment Ninja gives you plugged in PD, that responds to the way that you learn. You can read, watch, and listen to a whole heap of material in each module. (Oh and you can take it on the go, because the Assessment Ninja site is awesome!)

By using the latest research and creating engaging communities, we promise you'll never find the Assessment Ninja course tedious. In fact, we guarantee it! With a 24-hour money back.

The Magic Mojo Meet the Sensei

Teacher Solutions is now Assessment Ninja

Teacher Solutions was our online professional learning and consultancy branch, now integrated into Assessment Ninja. Here you will find all the great assessment professional learning for a fraction of the price - and no ongoing costs! If you're looking for a particular resource from Teacher Solutions, and can't find it, please get in touch.

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